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Welcome to The Holistic Pitstop

A new year is almost here, and I will be updating the website. 

It has been a time of little action over the last few years. 

I am hoping to get things up and running again soon.


I wish you all a great New Year in 2023.

  Please contact me if you want any specific info. 

What's in the Holistic Pitstop

Here you will find all sorts of information and opportunities to help you to improve and get the best from Your Life. On here are "useful/interesting links", and a Newsletter where I will be posting bits and pieces on all sorts of subjects. Bit of a delay here, as we have moved and are unpacking and settling in.


If you knew June Woods, please do visit Celebrating June Woods- sadly she passed during March 2015


These are challenging times. We are continually being told how terrible things are with very little encouragement to turn things around for the better.


So again I say "Welcome".

You are invited to step inside and see what wonders there are within.

This site will be constantly changing, please keep calling back.

This site is still growing - please call back.

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