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Electro Magnetic Fields, and how they affect us, even if we can't feel them

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Meanwhile here are some links for you to explore.  Lots of information in them, science, articles, solutions...


Sources of Crystals and Stones to help:

Shungite.  Protection, Healing, and Detoxification
by Regina Martino

Lots of info on Smart Meters and more on EMFs

Smart meter info
for smart meter info.

Ways to combat  and monitor EMFs etc.

Big brother… info collection
Barrie Trower
video to watch
Josh del Sol Beaulieu

Will be launched in Dec 2018

Blocking a Smart Meter:

(How to make a guard)
Book: Electrical Forensics by Steven Magee
Vitamin C etc.
EMF Summit 9-15th December 2018 

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Lots of downloadable info.  FREE!